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What is AGRAV?

AGRAV is a game about gravity. You'll guide your space ship through 90 levels - not by controlling it directly, but by creating black holes that influence the ship's trajectory. Black holes are created by (multi-)touch and exert gravity on the player's ship, Each level is a 2D environmental puzzle, confined to a single screen, which you must successfully navigate through skill and strategical thinking.

Who's making AGRAV?

AGRAV is a game by Berlin-based development studio null2. It is being designed and written by Georg 'gl03' Lauteren, who has previously scored the music for Radiolaris' (now Broken Rules) iOS game Radio Flare, an IFG Mobile Finalist in 2009 in the Audio Achievement category. Georg also runs an independent label for electronic music, TRUST.

When can I play it?

AGRAV is out now for iPhone and iPad! Just had over to the AppStore and download the free version.
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AGRAV is coming back! For AGRAV's anniversary we have started working on an update to your favorite gravity game - more ships, new levels, enemies, and plenty of dangerous hazards and gravitation-based puzzles. The update will also be some new music and sound design by foremost electro artist Dylan Caspar aka Privacy!


Germany's largest news magazine Spiegel Online has written some nice things about AGRAV: "AGRAV convinces with an exceptional game idea and is the ideal app for puzzle and science fiction fans." Thank you, Spiegel!


TouchArcade wrote a nice and insightful review of AGRAV, awarding it 4 out of five stars: "I think AGRAV is really clever. It's a frustrating game at times because of the indirect nature of it, but it's very satisfying when you succeed."

Read the entire review here.


We'll be presenting AGRAV at Talk & Play #15 in Berlin tomorrow. If you're in town, come buy, and don't forget to RSVP!


AGRAV is out! You can now grab it from the App Store. The first 30 levels are free, so we'd be happy if you gave it a go!

We've also released two new video clips, showing off actual gameplay, to celebrate the launch:

And lastly, two new previews: On Indie Game Magazine and iPlayApps (this one in German).


AGRAV previews across the internet! TouchArcade featured AGRAV in another pre-release preview, as did Pocket Gamer, (in French), GryNaFony (in Polish), Tom's Hardware Italy (in Italian), Tech In Asia (in Indonesian), and Pocket Bus (in Chinese). Thank you!


We have updated our IndieDB page! Check it for additional screens and videos in the days leading up to our launch.


If you haven't been following us on Twitter, here are a few animated GIFs to whet your appetite: Perfect Orbit, Mines, and Bouncy Planet.


AGRAV has a release date! September 23 is the big day when AGRAV will arrive on the App Store. Check our updated trailer with some additional gameplay footage!


AGRAV is on Twitter now!


After a busy May, AGRAV has been coming along nicely, with some final polishing, bug fixing and level tuning still to be completed.

Here's few new screenshots, including our newly revamped lasers:


We'll be at Berlin's A.MAZE festival from today on. If you're there too, we'd love to meet you. Please get in touch via facebook, email, or gl03's twitter. Looking forward to show you a current AGRAV build!


So AGRAV didn't get picked for the IGF finals, but we've received some really nice and productive feedback from the IGF judges.

Here are some of our favourites:

"Love, love, love love!!! Design, audio, simple mechanics, great feel. It's short and I really really want more!"

"I really enjoyed the sort of experimental nature of playing this game"

"I'm really into this. ... Easy design vote for me."

"Loved the game, excellent work!"

"Really enjoyed the experience -- played almost all the way through all the levels in a single sitting, even replaying many to get a higher tier score."

"I really dug this, though I freely admit I'm a softie for this kind of game. Quick, difficult, bite-size on mobile? Heck yeah, sign me up. "

"I enjoyed this game a lot. I liked the simple design and the controls that I felt were easy to learn, hard to master."

Thank you, anonymous judges!


Awesome mobile gaming site Toucharcade published a little preview of AGRAV:

"While the gameplay looks really cool in AGRAV, I'm also really digging the colorful wireframe visuals and catchy tunes."

Thank you, you made our day!


We've set up a facebook page for AGRAV. We'd love you to check it out and become our friends.

Also was kind enough to include us in today's trailer roundup – thank you!


We've entered AGRAV for the IGF awards and made a first little trailer, showing some early gameplay footage.

You can watch the trailer on Vimeo and YouTube. Feel free to post/comment/share/like!


We have finished a new beta (0.7.5), which tweaks the game controls and physics a bit: Black holes are now draggable, a feature many testers requested, and which definitely improves the game. We've also integrated GameCenter, for what it's worth, as well as fixed, improved and prettyfied a myriad of little things.

Want to playtest AGRAV? We'd love to have you play it, but due to Apple's developer program we have only a very limited amount of beta testing spots available. However if you think you can significantly contribute to the game, e.g if you're a journalists who wants to write about AGRAV, or if you're a professional game designer or artist who's willing to give us feedback, please contact us under: